5 Techniques to Package Exclusivity and Convenience in Your Website Copy

As a website copywriter, the main feature that you want your prospect to realise is that your item is a necessity. It is necessary for them to buy a car, subscribe to your newsletter, or invest in your charity. They cannot afford to resist an item that they need in the first place.

However, aside from selling the need, there are also other factors that potential customers consider before deciding to make a purchase. They look for two other things: the first is exclusivity where they feel extra special with your offer, and the other is convenience, wherein they are not subject to multiple steps and directions just to avail your product.

By having these two features in your sales copy, you turn your readers into willing and supportive clients. The question is, how do you package exclusivity and convenience in one write-up?

If you are a website copywriter looking for ways to bring together necessity, exclusivity, and convenience in your sales copy, then you can look into these techniques:

  1. Write like you are talking to a specific person.

When writing a direct-response copy, you want to speak in such a way that you are conversing only towards one person. It is important to write this way because you are establishing an exclusive environment between you and your audience. They don’t want to feel like you’re speaking to a big group with lots of motherhood statements. At the same time, you’d want them to see that whatever you are offering is tailor-fit for them and them alone.

  1. Tell your story in a way that you and your reader are on a journey together.

Readers find it more compelling when you tell a story that includes you and them in the narrative. You go beyond a transactional type of storytelling, where you narrate a tale for them to listen to. Rather, you weave a story that involves you and your reader, and that you are on the journey together.

Writing in this manner not only amplifies the exclusive factor in your sales copy; it also packages your sales pitch in a way that you and your reader are both owners of the product you are selling. This is important because, without the sense of ownership, they won’t be willing to shell out even a single cent on the item you are selling them.

  1. Deliver your pitch under the guise that whatever outcome your readers get from your product is a result of their efforts alone.

Apart from the sense of ownership, people love to feel a sense of accomplishment. Hence, when writing a sales copy, it is essential that you highlight the effects of your product or service once they use it. Talk about your item’s features and how these features affect your readers’ lives. This way, they become more enticed to try it for themselves and see its results first-hand.

  1. Don’t forget the money-back guarantee.

You don’t want your readers to feel like they are making a gamble on your offer. Nobody wants to gamble in the first place, so make them feel like they’re in a winning situation with your product.

With that said, include a money-back guarantee. Not only does this make your sales pitch more credible, but it also gives your readers more reason to spend money on your product, service, or investment offer as they believe they are not losing a single cent when trying you out.

  1. Make your CTA easy to follow.

Lastly, you need to provide a convenient way for your customers to avail of your offer. You can do this by ending your sales pitch with a simple call-to-action. Just ask them to click the “buy now” button, or the “get my free pass” link. Asking them to sign up or follow a series of steps to register disengages them from your sales pitch, as for them these are complicated procedures.

As much as possible, keep your call-to-action clear, crisp, and easy to understand, then everything else follows.

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