Brand Recognition: Stumbling Over Your Identity

Marketing online requires high-power traffic building results. Without them, your site sits dormant and your business dwindles. You can’t bring in enough traffic to keep you in shoe strings and bacon grease on your own, you have to have the power of marketing multiplication. How do you get it?

Brand Your Market with powerful terms that bring people back time after time. You want them to recognize your brand every time they open a new web page. Okay, that may not be feasible, but that’s what you want. So give it all you have and get your Brand out there to be recognized.

1. Punch up Article Marketing

Write five articles per week and post them on the most plugged Article Marketing Sites on the Internet. Use the value of Brand Recognition, by other Brands to get your Brand seen.

2. Write a Press Release

Write a Press Release and post it everywhere. If your News is exciting enough to capture the attention of reporters on the Internet, you’ll soon be the talk of Cyber Space. Your name will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue and Brand Recognition will be yours.

3. Be a Guest on a Talk Show

Podcasting gets you noticed. Use it in your Press Release, post it on your Blog, have it posted in all your forums, and get recognized for the important ‘stuff’ you have to say. Once they hear your voice, hear your name, and see your picture, you’ll be a star. (Okay, so the Star of your own Sidewalk, but a STAR none-the-less.)

Find your area of expertise and let everyone know how much you know about your niche. Then Brand that hummer!

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