How to Create Brand Recognition

Branding you product, service or business is one of the most important things that you can do to insure long-term repeat business. Once your business becomes a memorable name in the minds of your clients and customers, they will continue to buy your products and services without the need for you to repeatedly advertise to them. This used to be costly and time consuming but new technology has enabled savvy business owners to put their brands right on the desktops of their clients and customers at almost no cost.

Gone are the days of expensive newspaper, magazine and mailer ads. These used to be one of the few ways that small businesses could create brand recognition with their potential customers and clients. It is very expensive and time consuming to create an effective ad campaign using traditional print media. Readership is down across the board for most newspapers and magazines. Advertising in print media just does not have the bang for the buck it once had. This is not the preferred way to create brand recognition.

Trying to create Brand Recognition for your business using radio and television is even more expensive then print yet does not give you much more of a return on investment. Viewership and listenership has plunged over the years and the news is filled with stories of radio and TV stations laying off employees.

Traditional outlets like print, TV and radio have been pummeled by the new media, the internet and applications.

Growing niches of small business have turned to the internet and apps to create brand recognition for their products and services with many enjoying amazing success. Technology has created applications that allow small businesses to place their brands right on the front page of their potential client or customer’s computer. These apps help the user locate the cheapest prices online for whatever they are searching for. The app saves the user time and money so they never have a reason to remove it. These apps are also brandable with your information, logo, slogan or anything else you want to put in front of your customer.

The average internet user conducts approximately 88 searches per month online. This means your customer will see your brand 88 times a month regardless of what the user is searching for. This app allows you to own the front page of the search engines of your potential customers and clients. They will always see your information when they are doing a search regardless of what they are searching for.

It does not have to be specific to your product or service. They will always see your information whenever they do a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other major search engine. This creates year around brand recognition for your business at almost zero cost to you. The apps are a free download for your clients and customers so there is no barrier to delivery.

This brandable app is a game changer and as the business community continues to embrace technology, you will see small business owners racing to implement app technology in their advertising and brand recognition campaigns. If your business is not using this app technology, you are missing out on the hottest trend in business branding today. You simply can’t afford not to use these apps because your competitors are.

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