Romeing’s Best Of Bookshops Guide

Some say this is the coolest bookshop in the city. It doesn’t have a particularly good selection of books in English, however the space is modern and dynamic and it’s worth just browsing all the inspiring coffee table books on art, design, photography, architecture, travel and gastronomy. When you’re done drooling over aspirational hardcover stuff you may not be able to afford, you can pop over to their cafe Palombini Esposizioni for a snack.

If you’re a native English speaker or lover of the English language, the newly opened Otherwise Bookshop just outside of Piazza Navona may be your new favorite bookstore in Rome. Two cozy rooms pack popular contemporary fiction, addictive classics, children’s books, witty postcards, and decorative notebooks onto their shelves. A quick browse through the store or painless decision on just one book out of its incredible selection is simply nonsensical and impossible. Sleepless bookworms can enjoy late night shopping with the store’s extended hours, and readers looking to connect with others can attend the store’s ongoing book launches, reading groups, and literary events.

This is the big Daddy of books in languages other than Italian. If you’re looking to stock up on the latest titles from around the world or browse a great range of dictionaries or grammar books for studying Italian, this is the place to get the job done. They have an impressive selection and good prices, however you might not feel as cozy or poetic here because it is an international chain store.

This is one of our absolute favorites. This little cave of books in Italian, English and other foreign languages is crammed with goodies and makes you feel equally excited about reading and travel. Not just guidebooks here – you’ll also find narrative non-fiction travel memoirs. If you’re a hardcore bookshop groupie and you love the idea of stores that specialize in one genre put this on your list. Even their stationary here is decorated in vintage world maps and the street it’s on is a charming spot for eclectic window-shopping.

We love this store firstly because of its cute name, validating vintage books as an imperative as opposed to a bit of whimsy to lie unopened on a pretentious coffee table. This place is worth a visit because it’s a tiny little hole-in-the-wall secondhand bookstore where true book lovers will find a real treasure trove of Italian and foreign language books with genres as vast as poetry, philosophy, cinema, literature, political science, children’s fiction, magazines and even old theatre scripts.

These guys have been saving bookworm expats for the past 30 years in Rome with their great selection of English, French and Spanish books. There’s an eclectic mix of genres and they also stock and buy secondhand books. They often host small concerts and book presentations and their whole philosophy is very much for those who take pleasure in browsing for the perfect escapism on the page. You get the feeling here that this bookstore is for real readers and the selection of titles will not restrict you to the usual bestseller list in English, which often is all us expats can get our hands on. Highly recommended.

Just a few steps from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, this little bookshop is the perfect place to go to escape the hectic pace of city life and get lost in a good book for a couple hours. Locals love coming here because it’s a taste of Trastevere that hasn’t faded away in the fast developing neighborhood full of commercial and noisy shops. Almost Corner has a beautiful assortment of new and used books in English where you can find classics as well as some newer titles.

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