The Kindle And Pick Up A Book

This is a reader friendly store with a warm, inviting ambience and highly convenient cataloguing. They have knowledgeable staff that could help you navigate their extensive range of books. They also have a section dedicated to art and craft for all age groups. If you are looking for a specific book, they have a help desk who could order the book for you. This is one of the modern style bookstores where children and adults can enjoy browsing. They also have a corner for kids to play while the adults shop. If you are looking for everything under one roof from books to stationary to hobby ideas, this is the shop for you.

Odyssey is a bookstore with branches in Chennai and Coimbatore. It has many books and gifting options for all ages. Odyssey also hosts many events – book launches, author interactions, children’s games and even a band. They always have something happening at their store to entertain and as well as inform their customers.

Words and Worths is a quaint little independent bookstore that has been in Chennai for the last 13 years. This is a shop whose inventory is determined by the owner of the shop based on his clientele. It is a local bookstore where you can spend hours browsing among books that you know won’t end up costing a bomb. They also sell stationary, toys and music CD’s but if you are in the area and you would love to visit the old school bookshops, this is where you need to head to.

This shop looks small from the outside but houses many many books inside. It has many pre owned imported books for sale and also a large children’s collection for sale. It is located behind The Park hotel in the Gemini Parsn Complex on Kodambakkam High Road. Head to this shop to browse through some well-maintained imported books that you may not find in many retail shops. For kids who love to read, this is a nice shop to browse in the heart of the city.

Tulika Publishers is a children’s publishing house with the bookstore in their premises. This is the place to browse through all your Tulika favourites – picture books, bilingual picture books, fiction and non-fiction for toddlers, teen and young adults, along with resource books, all in one place. They also offer birthday return gift sets for parties and their specially designed wrappers are available to purchase individually as well.

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